The iPhone flash LED can be used as a powerful flashlight, but its not a good lantern. The light is harsh, blinding and directional.
So we decided to make a a small light diffuser. A lamp shade for the iPhone!

Enter the Lightclip!

It emits a beautiful ambient light, evenly distributed and very easy on the eyes and that makes the IPhone flash LED really useful as a lantern. Just slide it over your iPhone, and use any of the free flashlight apps. If you have iOS6.0+ look for one that can also dim the LED.

Use it as a nightlight, at a camping trip or when in need of a superhero!

The Lightclip was designed specifically for 3D printing on the EOS SLS 3D printer with environmentally neutral polyamide. This material is very strong, affordable and an excellent light diffuser. Available now, in 3 different designs: the Ghost, the Ninja Ghost and the Batman Signal for both the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5.

Lightclip: Ghost


Lightclip number one, the Ghost. This is the first design that we did. It worked perfectly and inspired us to do the whole series.

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Lightclip: Ninja Ghost


A Ghost, but not just any ghost! A ninja ghost.

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Lightclip: Swan


The Lightclip: Swan is named after Joseph Swan, the true inventor of the incandescent lamp.3d_logo

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Lightclip: Batman


The Batman signal light. The spotlight is modeled after the one in Dark Knight Rises, but we used the classic Batman logo from the Tim Burton era. The projection is a lot better than you might expect, very clean and bright.3d_logo